Premium Scholarship

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at PaperRater is when we have an opportunity to give back and potentially change lives.
I'm aware that helping someone with their grammar and writing is not the same as giving a meal to a hungry belly or a bed to a refugee, but it's one way to show compassion to a person in need and the benefit is felt in both directions. Here are some letters from scholarship recipients:

Dear PaperRater,

Would you please consider me for your Premium Service Scholarship. I am 47 years old and I am(used to be) an Electrician by trade, but dislocated my knee three years ago (got a hernia in the meantime) and have been unable to work since. I was homeless for a year and a half and lost everything I owned. I managed to get into a homeless medical respite and had both knee and hernia surgery about 7 months ago and have been recovering ever since. I currently reside in state housing and have ventured back to school as a career in construction is just too hard on my body at this point. I am still unable to work and I live on school stipend and food stamps. Your Scholarship program would be a great help for me to get a degree and get my life back in order. Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope to hear back from you soon.


I seek a gift-in-kind of your premium service, which due to current but improving medical and unemployed status, which I cannot afford. I am contacting you today to inquire your premium scholarships. I would like to seek your high quality writing services that are available those regardless of present income status.

Currently, I am enrolled at Corning Community College, here in Elmira, New York and seek a degree in Environmental Science. Regardless, of being an eligible student for reasonable student support services, I still wait for that necessary assistance due to the current shortage of available student tutors, of which I seek. Realizing the need of assistance to achieve my educational goals, I now a more proactive approach must be taken, to include the finding of ways to help myself succeed in school and life.

In June of 2015, I forgone a GED equivalent certification and successfully achieved a high school diploma, at 50 years of age. This was a major milestone in my life after coming to grips with years of abuse in parochial school from 1977 to 1980, which affect many areas psychological and educational growth as a student of St. Mary’s in California. However, being this young and confused individual, I could not find the ability to properly express this school experience to my parents. Moreover, they conveyed great disappointment towards my failing as well as capability to learn, which often lead to punishments and more conflicted feeling about my education.

In 1983, I decided to drop out of high school during my junior year and failing in my struggle to succeed. Also, it is with this general understanding, I was lacking skill sets not learned in middle school, which affected my capability to succeed in high school classes.

In July of 2014, I was laid off from my most recent employment in the right-to work state of N.Y., while dealing and working with severe medical condition. I took this as a opportunity to obtain my diploma and go back to school, just a month after I was laid off, then graduated in June of 2015. Soon after graduation, I undergone a surgical operation intended to correct my medical condition and prolong my life. Furthermore, I attend bi-weekly therapy sessions, which have been very productive in dealing with these problems through my local office of Clinical Associates.

Being a student at sixty-three is a dream come true.
In 1996, I went back to college for a Liberal Arts degree, after two semesters at College of the Redwoods, my family moved from California to Colorado. Finances made it necessary to work. My desire was delayed. It stayed on hold for twenty years.
However, at sixty, my marriage ended. My faith sustained through life’s turmoil. My love for my son and my daughter are the inspiration to reinvent myself.
Consequently, my goal is a degree in creative writing, to write not only fiction, and about the challenges wives living with secondary PTSD. Many women are living a life similar or even unhealthier than mine. Encouraging others to find the strength taking charge of their life would be rewarding.
Moreover, I take classes using current computer software and entrepreneurial marketing will also give a foundation to being able to support myself in future free-lance writing endeavors. Receiving a scholarship would offer the opportunity to continue my writing as well as learn how to support myself and influence others.
Therefore, my second goal is to graduate before I reach sixty-five. To be the first in my family with a college degree will be an accomplishment. Financially, I struggle to cover all my needs. My divorce was costly. In the past, I had a successful business with the drop in the economy, it barely sustains itself which directly affects my resources. I have a part time job at Chase Bank, twenty hours per week, which helps.
For this reason, a scholarship will help with my expenses.
Equally important, graduating from college will satisfy my heart’s desire to receive my degree as well as fulfill my dream of one day to publish my writing. My GPA is 3.85. At my age, being a student is challenging to work and my other responsibilities. However, I give it my all.
In conclusion, I appreciate your consideration to be a scholarship candidate. It is my hope to inspire others to pursue education and not let age or anything stand in the way of their dream.